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I'm not sure I could do a life story series the way [ profile] jazzykym is doing. Might take me back to areas I really do not wish to explore right now. My life's on an upswing and I'm getting triggered by enough emo crap as it is!

I mean, do you all really need to see MORE entries here?

That's probably going to change next week as I start the new job. But that may just be speculation on my part.

Working at the big box tonight. A drive by 6-10 shift. I should go to the airport after to keep Dave company. Nah :)

I did tell him to not be late. Heck, he's probably there now.
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Yes, yes. Gerald Ford is dead. He lived a long life and got to golf alot.

Then there's this guy. Who won the mega millions lottery in '05 and died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 43.

It's Writers Block open mic tonight. Starts at eight at the Columbus Music Hall. I have a revision and a debut.

I'm telling ya, powerful stuff happened in October that's leading to more powerful stuff happening between others. It's quite amazing.
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Once in awhile, it's heartening to know you are not on the wrong side of the interrogation stick. Such was the case for poor [ profile] nobleds at The Bag tonight. [ profile] tericol and [ profile] schroederjt put the poor man under the light while I chuckled and my wife sat there quietly, knowing much more than she let on.

Things are moving quickly as our Dave becomes a man. I clinked our drinking glasses to the power of Santa.

Joanna did make the suggestion that I start using tags on my entries, which is probably a good idea. I'll slowly bring them out, and may go full scale with them in 2007.

Getting more action than Steven Jackson!?! How the hell did I miss that for my year end? Would have made the disc for certain.
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This is what I got with my Borders card. I don't go there much, since I work for the competition. I found the store to be very cluttered. I have no idea how the staff finds anything, but then again, I'm sure they say the same about where I work :)

Tea with [ profile] laughingrat was entertaining. Ah to trade information and drama. Zen Cha was busy. I was wrong about it going under. Got to tell hippie mom library customer I was leaving the library after she chastized me for taking a seat without waiting for a table. I neglected to see the sign. The place has changed!

In other news I demand a split of a finder's fee.


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