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a line here. a line there. poem. still a bit raw to post. i might go the voicepost route with it. haven't done one in awhile. i don't know yet. gee, i'm so indecisive.

looking forward to letting off some energy tonight. nothing painful that you haven't already heard. a potentially shocking revelation, certainly :)


Dec. 27th, 2006 07:36 am
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i am forced to give up on carmac mccarthy's blood meridian. it's too damn much for me right now. distracted. a chapter here and there. i've lost the thread. i will be back to read this western tale of uberviolence someday. but for now, back in the stacks it goes.

i really need a haircut.
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Yes, yes. Gerald Ford is dead. He lived a long life and got to golf alot.

Then there's this guy. Who won the mega millions lottery in '05 and died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 43.

It's Writers Block open mic tonight. Starts at eight at the Columbus Music Hall. I have a revision and a debut.

I'm telling ya, powerful stuff happened in October that's leading to more powerful stuff happening between others. It's quite amazing.
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Once in awhile, it's heartening to know you are not on the wrong side of the interrogation stick. Such was the case for poor [ profile] nobleds at The Bag tonight. [ profile] tericol and [ profile] schroederjt put the poor man under the light while I chuckled and my wife sat there quietly, knowing much more than she let on.

Things are moving quickly as our Dave becomes a man. I clinked our drinking glasses to the power of Santa.

Joanna did make the suggestion that I start using tags on my entries, which is probably a good idea. I'll slowly bring them out, and may go full scale with them in 2007.

Getting more action than Steven Jackson!?! How the hell did I miss that for my year end? Would have made the disc for certain.
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This is what I got with my Borders card. I don't go there much, since I work for the competition. I found the store to be very cluttered. I have no idea how the staff finds anything, but then again, I'm sure they say the same about where I work :)

Tea with [ profile] laughingrat was entertaining. Ah to trade information and drama. Zen Cha was busy. I was wrong about it going under. Got to tell hippie mom library customer I was leaving the library after she chastized me for taking a seat without waiting for a table. I neglected to see the sign. The place has changed!

In other news I demand a split of a finder's fee.
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got to run to the grocery. then go to zen cha with [ profile] laughingrat. I do hope they're open or it's the mojoe lounge. stalk us at one o'clock.

i have gift cards. i can't get one out because there's a maze involved. i need a 12 year old child to get it out for me!

someone yesterday said my son looked like matt damon. i think he has the hair :)

happy boxing day to all you, um, boxers out there!


Dec. 25th, 2006 07:56 pm
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you get worn out from being with a lot of people, and the noise they make.

gift cards. they are good things.

and beers of america...somebody knew i like beer.

if i played vince young instead of alex smith yesterday i'd have pulled off the upset. and if my grandmother had four wheels and an engine, she'd be an audi tt. that's life!

and i just had my mind blown. all this stuff behind the scenes. it's out of my hands. i'm not angry, i just got baffled. again. i'm ok with that, for life can certainly be baffling. just want folks to be happy.

interesting days are certainly ahead.

laundry time. we're out of towels.
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There was a pretty crescent moon in the sky as we drove around. What's with all the inflatable figures on everyone's lawn and rooftop this year. Grinches, penguins, santas, polarbears and more - all glowing on lawns and in backyards. Saw the usual suspects. A few new displays with creative uses of lighting. The best though are right outside our back window.

N. was in the backseat, saying something like 'happy kwanzaa' and making up his own carols.

Had the Phil Spector and Vince Guaraldi Christmas CDs spinning.

Tough year for Santa, but he did well at Lawson's. If I had the means (ah, the magic what if!) I'd get most of you folks stuff. You'd get stuff in the mail in thought and in person. Things like new cars, success in your new jobs, a new camera, seed money, a record deal, a movie deal. stable and steady incomes, a laptop, a book deal and other publication, a sold house, pleasure in your new house, that which we discussed over tea before you left, paul weller tickets, and more things I can't think of at the moment.

Some of those apply to more than one person, really. I'm grateful to have you all in my lives. Blessed that many of us have crossed paths. Hopeful (yes, from me) that we will cross paths again or will do so in the future for the first time.

It's Christmas somewhere, and I'm drinking a toast to absent friends.
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You suck. All of you. Knowing Travis Henry was going to be motivated for this game, what did you do? Sat back and let him blow by you all day. Jesus that was sad.

And WTF happened on that final drive offense? Pkenty of time to give the ball to Mcgahee, who had a decent game, and you call plays that means Losman has to throw in to that wind. Crikey.

Yo, Robert Royal. I'm not putting it on you, but the next time you catch a pass that your Wide Receiver threw to you (perfectly, I may add) keep your damn feet inbounds.

I'm actually in a good mood. It's Christmas Eve, the Bills lost. I think it was the first entire game of theirs that I have sat through in a couple of years. What else is new :)

Battling for the fantasy football championship in my league. If Alex Smith can get it togethor I may have a chance at winning. Unless Tomlinson is unleashed in the second half. he ONLY gained 102 yards in the first half, and didn't score. Rivers was 1 for 10, crap, if can toss the ball to Gates that might help too.
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watched the devil and daniel johnston. that guy is messed up. what was with him crashing his dad's plane? and what did his father do to have a private plane? poor guy does have talent, but that damn mental illness caused more problems than it helped with, once again.
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Not a good trip to Florida for the OSU basketball team. At all.

No, potential myspace friend. I will not be adding you if 'you're beautiful' by james blunt is your background music.

just watched The Matador. Neat little film about a hitman who loses his friend and finds a reluctant life coach in greg kinnear. an odd soundtrack that includes a town called malice over the opening credits. asia and the cramps showed up in there as well.


Dec. 23rd, 2006 02:20 pm
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[ profile] incendiarymind and I have a senatorial death pool set up. Naturally none of the senators we chose for 2006 have died at this point.

Naturally, neither of us chose Robert Stafford, who died at the age of 93 today.
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The two HR people I need to speak to most are out of their offices until Wednesday.

Then again, I'm not working Tuesday either, nor is the OSU rep.


This will get done, too.
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only four more days left at my current job. not that i'm counting or anything.

then i'm off for three days in a row.

for some strange reason i have a copy of The Matador for tonight. it's an unintentional greg kinnear weekend.
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so i guess that's sleeping in!

had a good time with [ profile] nobleds at the bag. ah, the days's of long's. and i get to see him twice next week, which is more than i saw him all of last year. thanks again dave.

am i awake yet?

the cd [ profile] ghostsandrobots sent me is quite good. i have no idea who any of te artists are, except one. and she didn't sent me a track list. didn't realize i had to go on a google lyric scavanger hunt to find out who is track ten!

i go to HR today. i was researching benefits and think comparable coverage is less than what i'm paying now. that'll cover the commute. i hear rumors of my PTO and seniority being able to transfer. if that happens i'll be even giddier than i am right now.

i've woken up silly this morning.

hope to have time to do some christmas shopping before the day is over.

on sunday i'm going to watch the bills at the sports bar in dubin folks always go to.

have i mentioned my last day at my old job is next friday?

we're going to watch little miss sunshine tonight.

the macadamia nut popcorn is really good. no, i'm not eating it now.

found some decent tea at a closeout price last night. not sure if i'm going to use the giant eagle advantage card to buy gas. it's up to eighty cents off a gallon. do i let it ride?

it's raining and i don't care. i do care about holiday travelers, especially those who may or may not be fogged in. travel safe, wherever you go.
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I recommend watching the young man in the Takeo Spikes jersey hitting up the bong.

The tailgating gin drinker is rather amusing.

Buffalo Bills Fans Gone Wild
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